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I have a new type of respect for hair stylists after last weekend. I saw the incredible Platform Hair Extensions team put in a 11+ hour day teaching 10 ladies their hand-tied method from start to finish. These ladies amazed me at how well they communicate and work together. 

I got a little bit of one-on-one time with founder Megan Carlisle before her students arrived. She made sure my part was perfect and catered to my “slightly-to-the-left” hair part. During this time she also decided on the colors and length of the hand-tied wefts that they were going to install. She chose “Mix Your Milk With My Cocoa Puffs” and “Ice Cream Paint Job” in their longest length, 22 inches.

Let me just say this technique does NOT sound easy, but these girls rocked it! I had the easy job during this process. There was no pain or discomfort while they were installing the wefts. Because it was my first time getting them, Megan recommended taking Tylenol after to prevent any headaches from the initial tightness. Below is a close up of how the hand-tied wefts look underneath my natural hair. 

These extensions are no joke! They are soft, strong, and the color is absolutely stunning. After a quick coloring session, Jada and Laila pulled some awesome teamwork on blow-drying my new hair. They finished it within 15 minutes. For reference, it takes me up to 45 minutes to dry this much hair by myself. 

After my hair was dry, the girls curled it and all the feels started to kick in. I couldn’t believe how amazing my hair looked. The blend is  phenomenal and I couldn’t feel it at all!

Hair Specifics

  1. Hand-Tied Weft Extensions by Platform Hair Extensions

  2. Colors: “Ice Cream Paint Job” and “Mix Your Milk With My Cocoa Puffs”

  3. Length: 22″

  4. I Have 2 1/2 Rows, 14 Total Wefts.

For more information about Platform Hair Extensions click here.

You can also find pricing and location information about their upcoming classes here.

A huge thank you to Megan and her team for making this transformation and post possible.

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